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Home Modification and Repair

REMO, is a home modification company that can make the home you now like, into a home you will love! With over 30 years of home modification and repair experience we ensure your satisfaction, and give you piece of mind by being "Green Conscious" without the huge expense. No project is the same, nor should the experience be limited on yours. We have multiple contractors and architects that we will match to your project to ensure its being handled in the most qualified and efficient way.

We can handle all of your renovation and remodeling needs.

Our modification services:
  • Rook Additions
  • Wheel Chair Ramps and Disability needs
  • Home Access
  • Doors
  • Home Entry and Exits
  • Fixtures
  • Roof
  • Stairs
  • Windows
  • Floors
  • Counter Tops
  • And Much More!